About us

ELSINTA UAB is a transportation company founded in 1992. Its main field of activities is the transportation of goods by roads by international routes. 

The company is a full member of the Lithuanian National Road Carriers Association Linava.

We try to organize our work according to the needs and requirements of the customer. Both long-term cooperation and one-time orders are important to us and therefore, we carry out our obligations responsibly.  

The fleet of the company is comprised of: 

  • Trucks VOLVO and MERCEDES-BENZ compliant with the European Union Euro V safety requirements;


  • Refrigerator semi-trailers SCHMITZ with integrated THERMO KING and CARRIER refrigeration equipment. They have an internal sliding partition and can keep two different temperatures inside the trailer, which allows transporting the goods that require different transportation temperature at the same time; 


  • Refrigerator road trains with integrated THERMO KING refrigeration equipment for cut and potted flowers and other lightweight loads (capacity – 37 euro palettes).